Rhodes range

Whats so special?

  • The Rhodes door features a modern shaker profile and a range of 2-Pot lacquer painted finishes.
  • The 60mm shaker profile is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, and perfectly complements the hard edges commonly found in a modern kitchen space.
  • Two pot tinted polyurethane can be colour matched with almost any paint available, whilst widely being the most durable finish on the market. A massive pro in its favour is the ability to touch up any mishaps in the kitchen with a small paint sample.

Our Rhodes Palette

2-Pot Laquer options

High Gloss White

Cloud White

Wool Grey

Sahara Grey

High Gloss Black

Matte Black

Charcoal Grey

Ash Grey

Dust Grey

Dove Grey

Linen White

Ghost White

Matte White


Rhodes Doors

Rhodes Doors

Rhodes Doors