Florence range

Whats so special?

  • All Florence doors feature our standardised, best-selling slab profile. The slab profile is basic yet complex, perfectly summarised by the ideal “less is more”. The flat door compliments the feature elements of your kitchen and is remarkably modern, this is why thermofoil kitchens will always remain functional and fashionable.
  • The Thermofoil used for Florence is produced with a high quality plastic polymer from Europe, heated and vacuum pressed to the doors. Our Thermofoil products feature the highest degree of impact and moisture resistance with fully wrapped edges.

Our Florence Palette

Gloss Thermofoils

High Gloss White

Cloud White

Wool Grey

Sahara Grey

High Gloss Black

Matte Thermofoils

Matte Black

Charcoal Grey

Ash Grey

Dust Grey

Dove Grey

Linen White

Ghost White

Matte White

Costal Blue

Flax Green

Fossil Grey

Standstone Grey

Winter Oak

Silver Cedar


Whitewashed Rata


Florence Doors

Florence Doors in High-Gloss white